The somewhat controversial Christopher Biggins, king of Panto and all that, has said that his friendship with Katie Hopkins has cost him his friendship with some of the Loose Women.

Despite his glowing review of Katie Hopkins as, “one of the nicest, funniest people” his friendship with the former Celebrity Big Brother house, former ex-Apprentice and gay icon wannabe has not been accepted by the Loose Women camp.

Huffington Post reports Mr. Biggins said:

“I’ve lost several pals over my friendship with Katie – especially the ‘Loose Women’ lot. None of them will talk to me anymore.”

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He added, rather defiantly:

 “I don’t care – they can act like ‘Mean Girls’ all they want.

“I’ve been friends with Katie for a long time.”

Katie Hopkins appeared on the day time show after her ratings busting appearance on this year’s Celebrity Big Brother in January and was taken to task by Janet Street Porter and the rest of the presenters on her comments about Coleen Nolan’s sister.

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In 2013 Christopher Biggins caused outrage when, in an interview with The Big Issue he suggested that Bisexuals “ruin women’s lives”. He said, “I think the people who fear homosexuality most are the ones who could be gay. The world is full of bisexuals because that’s the way they want to do it. What do they do? They ruin a woman’s life. It’s so wrong, because you’re not owning up to what you are. You lead a double life so how can you be a real person?”

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