Legendary singer Sir Cliff Richard has said that he won’t be revealing his sexuality any time soon.

Speaking with Gloria Hunniford, Sir Cliff said that he won’t reveal his sexuality… because it’s nobody’s business.

Being interviewed in an extended and exclusive Loose Women, hit maker Sir Cliff spoke about his recent ordeal after being accused of sexual abuse by men dating back to the 80s, which he described as the “deepest and darkest hole” he had ever been in.


The Crown Prosecution Service dropped its investigation against the 75-year-old singer after finding “insufficient evidence to prosecute”.

Sir Cliff revealed that Sir Elton John was one of the first of his celebrity mates to contact him after the news broke that the police were searching his property for evidence. He said,

“Elton [John] was one of the first people that called me. I can’t use the language he used, but he said ‘Go for the — rotten throat.”

When questioned about his sexuality, Richards said,

“I always feel that I’m one of the most open people.

“I don’t mind talking about things but there are things that are mine.

That will go with me to my grave. And I’ve given up for instance, I don’t talk about my family, I certainly don’t talk about my sexuality.”


He went on say that his personal life was strictly off-limits and that it was nobody’s business.

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“My personal life is absolutely my business, and it’s nobody’s business but mine. And I feel that about other people. I read stories in the press about other celebrities and alleged scandals and things going on. And I’m thinking ‘Is it illegal?’ No? If adults do what they want to do behind their bedroom doors it’s absolutely up to them. I have no interest. It’s not my business and it’s not your business either about me.”

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