I’ve never been a fan of whisky, until I met Cardhu Gold! Surprisingly smooth and makes a darn good cocktail too!

Honeyed Gold

50ml Cardhu Gold Reserve
60ml Pear juice
60ml Ginger Ale
10ml Honey water (equal quantity of honey and hot water, cooled before adding)

Pour all ingredients into a whisky glass over ice cubes and stir.


You could resort to the classic slice of lemon. Or you could step it up a bit with this simple to execute show stopper.

Take an orange or lemon and slice around 4 inches of peel.

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Cut off the edges on the length sides to create parallel strips.

Then take the strips and cut the angles to create a triangle or ‘z’ shape.

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Then twist so that the two ends meet in the middle and the orange or lemon mist is released.

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