What is going on with Lucian Piane?

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It all started off with some relatively harmless political tweets on his Twitter account. Lucian Piane, the songwriter for RuPaul and occasional Drag Race judge was sharing stories on the less than shining sides of Hillary Clinton and President Obama in the run-up to the presidential election. Some fans thought he’d gone a little too far down the conspiracy theory route, but on the whole, they were humouring him mostly. But on November 3rd, his account took a turn for the worst.

A tweet from his account directed at Sia’s Manager David Russell, saying it was funny that Russell had AIDS was posted out, and at first the fans thought Piane had been hacked and jumped to his support. What also led people to believe a hack, was over the next couple of hours, various tweets that sounded like they were coming from a hacker were posted out, including accusations of X-Men director Bryan Singer making one of Piane’s friends have sex while the director watched and that Piane had kissed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper while Cooper was in a relationship, and as the tweets kept coming, they seemed to get more ludicrous and offensive, anything from calling himself, “the biggest f*ggot I know”, to claiming a love for feet and wanting straight men to perform oral sex on him. But people still believed he’d been hacked, but then suddenly a periscope video with his mother Darlene appeared which confirmed that everything that had been tweeted so far had in fact come from Piane. The tweets kept coming over the next few hours and days, descending further and further into chaos after he openly claimed the Obamas and Clintons were murderers and that both Bill and Hillary were paedophiles and that Barack Obama was gay and his own body and nearly everyone on earth was infected with brain-controlling parasites and he recommended bathing in bleach and also drinking small quantities of it to combat them. He posted various videos showing sores on his face and hands, saying these were where the parasites were leaving his body.

The fans were starting to grow concerned for his well-being and Piane even claimed that Perez Hilton had sent the police around to visit him but that there was no cause for alarm, but still, the worrying behaviour was continuing, and the continued attacks against people voicing their concerns. He claims he is just telling the truth on matters and that it’s unfair people are attacking him, while still insulting people himself.

Sadly the social media has since gotten considerably worse, with Piane not only sharing private messages between him and his family who allegedly didn’t invite him to thanksgiving dinner while also calling his mother a c*nt. He is also saying that black people should embrace the N word (while using it himself) and that in order for people to get along, the Jews should just get over the Holocaust, while also simultaneously claiming Hillary Clinton is a hermaphrodite (as well sharing a picture of his own nether regions) and that Michelle Obama is committing sexual assault against her own daughters.

But what is going on? Why is Lucian Piane acting this way? Accusations of drug use and mental health issues are plaguing the songwriter, and in what appeared to be a moment of clarity earlier this month, Piane claimed he was on the anti-psychotic medication Seroquel, and that it had been affecting him. Seroquel is known to have some serious side effects and in some cases, it can make people worse, and if it’s true he is indeed on the medication, he needs to change it fast. Others have pointed out that the aforementioned facial and hand sores are a classic sign of continued Methamphetamine use. I personally don’t want to speculate as to what is going on, but whatever it is, it is worrying to see someone so talented and respected go down such a calamitous route on social media. He seems utterly oblivious to what he is posting, whether it’s because he simply doesn’t care, or that he’s gone so far down the road of mental health issues that he doesn’t understand what he’s doing and why people would be so worried.

Quite how his accounts are still active at the time of writing is beyond me because Twitter and Instagram take a stance on bullying and offensive language and have suspended or banned people for less than what Piane has been posting.

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It remains to be seen what effect this will have on his career. He has stated that he pulled out of being on Season 9 of Drag Race before it was filmed earlier this year. How true it is that he left of his own accord is in question. But unless something is done about his current behaviour, it’s unlikely he will return anytime soon to the Drag Race panel or work with RuPaul again.

Strangely, RuPaul himself has remained resolutely silent on any matters concerning Piane, declining to issue any statements or even respond to any tweets mentioning his songwriter.

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Opinions expressed in this article may not reflect those of THEGAYUK, its management or editorial teams. If you'd like to comment or write a comment, opinion or blog piece, please click here.