Could These Be The Sexiest Stewards in the Skies?

21st June 2017 0 By Nick | Travel Editor

We stumbled across the best Instagram account out there for those of you who’ve ever had a cabin crew crush.

Let’s be honest, most of the time the second we clamber onboard our Ryan Air flight, we put our headphones in and do our best to ignore the world until we land. Yes, I know I should watch the safety demonstration, but I literally flew out 2 days ago and I doubt anything has changed since then. Wear a seatbelt, don’t smoke, brace brace, etc etc.

That being said, perhaps I’d be more inclined to pay attention if these guys were standing by the cockpit (there, I’ve said it, the cockpit joke has been made. Now we can all move on).


After stumbling across this meme of a beefcake flight attendant, I went in search for his Instagram. What I found instead will shock and amaze you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of @sexystews

An Instagram account dedicated entirely to the gorgeous guys of the skies.

Here are a few that would totally get me in the upright position!

Check out that cheeky smile! What do you think he’s up to under that first class blanket?

Brace for impact… maximum impact, like us dancing to Madonna.

When there’s great lighting, the passengers can wait while he takes a selfie!


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Work the mic… work the mic right.

Pucker up and get in line to join the mile high club with this cutie!

Holy crap there’s two of em! Would you prefer the beef option, sir?

I would NOT be complaining if I had a long layover with this Brazilian beauty.

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Sending you a little extra love from up above!

Him: Can I help you with your bag sir?

Me: Hhhnnmmnnnflrghglr

We hope you fly us again.

And if cabin crew aren’t your thing and you’re looking for something a little more…. authoritative…

Welcome on board!