Courtney Act missed the premiere of her show because of this very awkward situ

Queen of reality TV, Courtney Act missed the first ever episode of The Bi Life because of this very awkward situation.

The drag queen host of The Bi Life, Courtney Act revealed on Twitter that she missed the entire first episode of her brand new show because firstly she couldn’t find the remote, but then, even more awkwardly,when she did find it, she realised that she didn’t even have a subscription to the channel on which the show is broadcast on, E!.

The former Drag Race star took to Twitter to share her frustration saying,


Come on E! sort that Queen out with a subscription!

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The ten-part dating series follows a group of bisexual+ or questioning British singletons on an adventure to find love abroad. The cast live together, party together and help each other navigate the rocky road of bisexual+ dating. Throughout the experience, the cast support and encourage each other as they date and meet new people in sunny Spain. For some, this will mean exploring who they are for the very first time.

The show has already been praised by fans on Twitter for the way it portrays the usually underrepresented bisexual community.

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