A mother bought her son a doll and Daily Mail Readers are furious…

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The actual story was that a mother in Wirral bought a doll for her son, but when she took the doll out of its packaging she discovered to her horror that it was allegedly maggot infested – and this was on Christmas Eve (of all days…)
DM readers, true to form, immediately got to the crux of the issue and questioning not why there were maggots in a child’s toy, but what on earth was the mother thinking about buying her son a doll…

Catchat remarked on how shocked she was:

“I’m more shocked she brought a doll for a boy”

Whilst Morven Kane in Canada was sad by the doll purchase

“Sadder is that she bought a doll for a boy…:)”

Daveonhisbox, could not get over the non-binary choices of a mother

“The poor child, fancy been bought a doll clearly designed for a girl, he had a lucky escape.”



With IvanIvaskiIvanovic, totally agreeing with him, promising to move to Texas or Switzerland…

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“I know. Disgusting. No wonder we are going into an age of decadence. You hardly have to be remotely religious to see what is wrong with this. I shall be emigrating to more normal countries when I am retired like Switzerland and Texas where this PC bs does not exist.”

Botters meanwhile clearly was thinking about the lad,

“She calls her son Noah and gives him a dolly. And she’s horrified. The rest of us feel sorry for the lad.”

Martin in London/Ireland put down “gender confusion” down to the mother’s choice for her son… We’d suggest he has location confusion, with London/Ireland…

“DOLL FOR 3 YEAR OLD BOY!!!!! Any wonder we have gender confusion.”

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