Daniel Radcliffe has voiced concerns over why some gay actors are struggling to come out as gay in Hollywood.

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Speaking with the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe has voiced his concerns about gay actors’ ability to come out as gay in Hollywood.

When asked if Hollywood discriminated against people on the grounds of race, he said,”It’s pretty undeniable”, and then added that some actors were afraid to come out as gay because they could be typecast purely in gay roles.


Speaking to Victoria he said, “I suppose then people just want to cast you as gay”.

He said this was despite the fact that the industry considered itself “progressive”.

A number of actors have claimed that coming out as gay “ruined” their careers. Famously Rupert Everett claimed that after coming out as gay lead roles had dried up for him.

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Daniel Radcliffe made headlines in 2013 when he played his first gay role in his awarding winning film,  Kill Your Darlings.

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