The law isn't clear.

The Government have launched a fresh set of rules in order to combat the rise in Coronavirus in the UK including harsh fines for those who don’t comply with the new rulings.

Rules and regulations are different in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

One of these rulings is the mandatory use of masks in enclosed public spaces in England. However, gyms have an exception. Masks do not, currently, have to be worn where their use would be impractical, such as eating or exercising in a gym.

Not all saunas across the UK have been permitted to open, but for those that have, it might be best to phone or message ahead to see what their rules are.

As most bathhouses would be classed as a health spa, it would most likely be impractical to wear a face-covering during your visit, however, it’s best to follow the policy of the sauna/spa that you’re visiting.

Track and trace

Saunas along with bars and restaurants will be required by law to take your contact details for the government’s track and trace system. A system that allows up to 35 companies, organisations and government departments access to your contact details.

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However, in line with data protection guidelines, your details must be deleted after 21 days.

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