We’re not sure if this is the endorsement anyone would want now…

The wannabe gay icon Katie Hopkins, has received praise from none other than Donald Trump, who tweeted to his 5.2 million followers on Twitter, his thanks for Hopkins‘ “powerful writing on the UK’s Muslim problem”.

He then went on to suggest that the UK’s politicians should watch Hopkins as many people in the UK agree with his stance of blocking Muslims from entering the US.


In return she thanked him and urged him to “stand strong” on his views, warning that the “liberal left” love a petition.

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Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump is currently the subject of a petition, created by Suzanne Kelly, requesting that the UK government block him from ever entering the UK, citing ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

The petition has nearly 425,000 signatures on it, which means the UK’s government will consider the petition’s request for a parliamentary debate.
Yesterday speaking to THEGAYUK US comedian Margaret Cho called Donald Trump a “piss bottom”.
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