The country’s most fierce drag competition, Tranny Shack Academy, comes to a climax as one aspiring drag queen wins the coveted title in a tense finale at Madame JoJo’s in Soho.

But as one career is born the stage doors close on The Drag Queens of London as we see The Buffalo Girls and Vicki Vivacious pull off high profile gigs and a debut professional performance by Rosie Beaver’s best friend Nick as Violet Sparks.

Hightlight quotes of the episodes:

And quotes
· “Poor Silver she has to put up with some shit, I tell you…sorry girl” – Lady Lloyd reflects on Silver’s tolerance.

·”I’m going to punch her in the f**king face when she gets here” – Silver is angry about Baga’s lack of punctuality

· “There no party like a buffalo party” – Baga on The Buffalo Girls

·”I don’t actually think I’ve ever performed in a venue this Butch” – Vicki Vivacious on the prospect of performing at a straight pub in Watford.

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·”They can’t spell cocktail let alone make one” – Vicki isn’t convinced of the sophistication of the clientele in the Watford pub.

·”No one or nothing is going to stop me from doing what I want to do” – Vicki gets fighting spirit.

· “I don’t want to sit there and watch this, I want to be them – Ruby Wednesday is eager to break out in the drag scene.

·”Coming into the Familyyy Fierce, made me feel like I belonged to somewhere” – Ruby Wednesday on what the Familyyy Fierce means to him

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·”You better be f**king ready because were coming to get you” – Ruby Wednesday on a new wave of drag.

Drag Queens of London is on tonight on London Live at 10:00PM

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