After the breakdown of her friendship with Munroe, Lady Lloyd puts the row behind her and sets out to boost the profile of her drag girl group the Buffalo Girls by looking for a new manager and writing what she hopes will be a hit single for the band.

Meanwhile Rosie Beaver takes radical action to get her love life back on track, heading on the pull in drag with best friend Nick, aka Violet Sparks.

And American drag queen Bourgeoisie’s confidence is shaken as she comes in the bottom two in the Tranny Shack Academy drag competition, but she doesn’t take it lying down as she confronts club promoters Dusty O and Walt.

Key Quotes from episode 5:

Bourgeoisie and Dusty:

5.53 – “I’m still here….like, hello!” – Bougie about his commitment to Trannyshack academy

6.40 – “Arty can be interpreted in many ways, can’t it?” – Dusty to Bougie on his ‘arty’ look

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8.18 – “I’m a f**king art Queen. You can’t take that from me” – Bougie on her look and style

12.08 – “I’m like shamu the mother f**king whale” – Bougie about his performance that showers the audience with champagne

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27.17 – “You were saved…. and I saved you” – Dusty O talks about Bougie ending up in the bottom two but being saved

30.51 – “And I’m sorry if she sh*t herself” – Dusty O about Bougie’s performance

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