Winter can look incredible when it’s not overcast and raining. This production company from the US have managed to capture a beautiful frozen Chicago.

Chicago, has this year thanks to last year’s polar vortex shown how wintery conditions can be truly breath taking. During the filming of the video, temperature failed to rise above -10 degrees.

Photographer Colin Hinkle released the footage taken by a GoPro camera attached to a DJI Phantom 2 Drone. On his about page Hinkle wrote: “Part 4 of Chicago in my series of life from above. Shot during the winter of January 2015 around Chicago over the course of 2 weeks. All shot in temperatures below 10 degrees F. Really tested the limits of the DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4. The Phantom held up very well in the cold with no issues at all. The GoPro shooting in 4K would not last much more than 10 minutes before needing a battery change which was disappointing since it’s supposed to be a camera for the “extreme” users. Enjoy the beauty of a frigid Chicago from your warmth of your living room.”