New dads to be, Tom and Dustin have revealed the sex of their unborn child.

It seems the gay power couple Tom and Dustin are about to have a bouncy baby boy on their hands after they revealed that they’ve found out what the sex of their unborn child is during the ultrasound.

They revealed the news during Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast.

Dustin Lance Black told podcast listeners, “You find out at the scan. They zoom in on every little body part!”

After the ultrasound, Tom said, “I had no idea what to expect going into that scan. I remember feeling quite nervous but excited about what was going to happen. The baby was moving. Just to see your child move and know there’s going to be a screaming, crying, sleeping, pooping machine!”

Who’s the daddy?

The duo also revealed that neither of them knows who the biological father is. Tom explained, “I know there’s been one question that lots of people have asking about, about who the biological father is,”

“That’s something we’ve been very adamant about not knowing, or not ever wanting to know because they are our children.”

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Addressing some of the criticism they received about their decision not reveal who the surrogate mother was, during their initial announcement, Tom said,

“Once the child is born, it’s up to the parents how much or how little the surrogate stays involved, but for us, we love her so much that I can’t imagine not ever seeing her again because we want her to be part the journey of the kids growing up too.”

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Congrats guys… When’s the baby shower?


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