EastEnders is opening a gay bar and they've just revealed the name!

We want to go there…

EastEnders is opening a gay bar and they’ve just revealed the name!

Kathy Beale set to open Walford’s first ever gay bar, The Prince Albert.

Brace yourselves Walford, there’s a new bar in town. The much anticipated opening of Walford’s very first gay bar is upon us and Kathy Beale will soon be flinging the doors open to The Prince Albert.

In recent weeks viewers have seen Kathy discover the necklace that Ben gave her is worth a considerable amount of money, leading her to attain the lease for the bar. Keen to overhaul the bar’s look and name, Kathy deliberates on what to call it and after some inspiration settles on The Prince Albert.

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It’s never plain sailing for a Walford boozer; with both The Queen Vic and the E20 providing backdrops for some of EastEnders’ most dramatic moments. From a simple pint over the head to numerous affair reveals and even murder, Walford watering holes are often very dangerous places.

As Kathy settles in behind the bar, only time will tell what drama will unfold on the dancefloor…

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We’re just wondering whether the rest of the UK will get what a Prince Albert is!

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