Over the past few years men’s underwear brands have branched out and delivered us some amazing styles, colours, cuts and hot models to gawk at. One in particular stands out from the crowd. Andrew Christian, just take a look at any of his promo videos and you’ll understand what I mean. I guess he finally found out what Victoria’s secret actually is.

Andrew Christian originally found fame as a designer and model on reality TV shows like The Fashion Show and The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency. His brand of iconic underwear was then featured on the pit crew for Logo TVs reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race.


Using a technique called “Flashlift” these saucy undergarments are guaranteed to give the butt-lifting look to even the flattest of arses and the pouch does wonders for your tool. I MEAN wonders!

With more styles to chose from than Taylor Swift has in boyfriends I thought I would give you gorgeous guys the low down on 3 basic styles you can pull out, put on and get someone else to pull straight off again. I’m too good to you.



I love the cut of slim fitted boxers. Slightly longer in the leg = a super comfy finish. The peek-a-boo triangular cutout in the butt of this particular pair is cheeky without being overly slutty. Perfect for first time action with a new guy you’re actually thinking about getting serious with. In this case boys, you want to look sexy, not whorey.


You want to get noticed? Wear a bloody bright pair of pants. These are simple yet effective with a classic cut and a bold colour scheme. The “Show It” technology provides a nifty pouch to hold your junk. This gives you a permanent semi effect but who really thinks that’s a bad thing? I know I don’t.



The ‘This Boy is a Bottom’

‘Less is more’ has always been one of my personals mantras and that especially applies when you want your underwear to scream ‘I need to get laid.’ Every man has THAT pair of underwear he goes to when he knows he’s going to get some. Mine happens to have the entire arse cut out. What can I say? I’m classy that way.



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On the Andrew Christian website you’ll find videos, competitions, model profiles and much more. I spent hours (for research I assure you) browsing countless videos of practically naked men and their Adonis abs flaunting their manhood to bring you this article. Oh, the pain I go through for you guys. You’re very welcome. Let me know your favourite pair of Andrew Christian’s in the comment section.



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