If you’re wondering where in the world you should be next heading to, then maybe you should consider Slovenia as it gears itself up for its first Pink Week.

With gay weddings abound, gay honeymoons are sure to follow and Slovenia is amongst one of the most sought after places to visit on your honeymoon, thanks to its incredible strives towards full equality and safety for LGBT travellers.

Slovenian luxury inbound operator – Imperial Luxury Travel Solutions has seized the moment with a tourist package targeting gay and lesbian couples called PinkWeek.eu, which was successfully launched recently in London and Berlin (ITB 2014).

According to Imperial Luxury Travel it should come as no surprise that Slovenia was named among the top wedding and honeymoon destinations, as the LGBT tourist offer has been carefully prepared for last couple of years. Imperial Luxury Travel specialise in the luxury high-end segment of the market and has extended their offer tailored for the growing LGBT sector.

‘Lesbians and gay men are a dream market for the tourism industry.’

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Gay and lesbian travel is recognised as one of the fastest growing tourist segment. A study by GETA (Gay European Tourism Association) estimates over 22m ‘out’ gay people in Europe alone, with estimated total annual expenditure on tourism reaching between £39 and £42 billion. Similar expenditure is made by the USA ‘out’ gay population.

The first ever Slovenian tourist package for gays and lesbians and their friends will take place from 4th and 11th May 2014 at various Slovenian tourist spots. PinkWeek.eu guests will have an opportunity to explore Slovenia through several prepared packages and even choose their ideal wedding location. As a part of the programme, Imperial Luxury Travel Solutions will organise on 10th of May Eurosong 2014 themed gala dinner at Ljubljana Castle for guests, visiting LGBT media and PinkWeek.eu partners.

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Tine Murn, head of the Slovenia tourist office in London, said: ‘Slovenia is a destination, which is for some segments of British travel market still fairly unknown. It is very encouraging, that we have projects like PinkWeek.eu, which raise awareness and recognition among British holidaymakers, media and travel trade. It is even more important that this project is happening at this historical moment for British gays and lesbians. With products like PinkWeek.eu, Slovenia is definitely presented as an innovative and welcoming destination as well as being tailored to individual needs. We believe, the modern guest wants exactly what s/he wants and not necessary what is just offered.’

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