Rating: 3 out of 5.

The soapiest of gay soap operas arrives in the form of From Zero to I Love You.

Scott Bailey stars as Jack Dickinson, very handsome and successful, with a fun and lively and attractive wife Karla (Keili Lefkovitz), two adorable daughters, and of course a perfect job. But soon enough he realizes this is not who he is when he meets handsome Peter (Darryl Stephens), and this meeting turns Jacks life upside down. And while he knew he had a bit of a gay side to him, he didn’t really comprehend that this could eventually lead to him falling in love with another man. But Scott is not quite ready to leave his family, and Peter gets tired of waiting around, so they break up.

So Scott goes back to the straight life, his wife gets pregnant, and Peter lands quickly into another relationship that quickly leads to an engagement. But a chance (and very coincidental) meeting Karla has with Peter’s best friend who happens to tell Karla about the now finished affair. After this shock reveal Scott and Karla end their marriage while Peter gears up for his wedding. Scott is now a truly free gay and he’s left with meaningless one night stands while still pining for Peter. But of course there’s no surprise how this film ends once you get the soap out of your eyes.

Filmed over the course of four and a half years (it looks it) and giving us the old tried and true story of a ’straight’ man who turns gay is a plot we’ve seen quite a few times, and again in this super melodramatic film.

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While the cast are all fine in their roles, and leading man Bailey is pleasant to look at, there is very little for us to take away from this film which has an ending that wraps things up all too neatly.

Enjoy t he shirtless scenes of Bailey – he’s sexy!

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About the author: Tim Baros
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