A series of film shorts exploring the complexities of relationships.

1. One More Night

No words are needed on this 11min short. It is stunningly sensational, captured through beautiful motion film work and sensational music to parallel. There is an air of romanticism where one feels in a haze of love, however, there comes a sudden change. A heart numbing silence. This exceptional moment is explained only through silence and expression – one knows what has happened without the need for spoken explanation. A powerful short worthy of any collection.



2. Love Is Not Enough

To begin the awkward acting left a sour taste, but then the film work becomes rather commendable. It explores being part of a polyamorous relationship, is it possible to be with two people at the same time and truly love them? A worthy phrase set the tone ‘listen to your heart, even if it hurts’. Some say love is not a limited resource, whereas for others, it is.



3. Sabbatical

What does it mean to take a relationship sabbatical? This short film follows two guys who go from being in a long term relationship to taking a three month sabbatical. Can this be beneficial? Perhaps a couple should make up their own set of rules rather than following a dictated pattern. A standard film although the storyline is fairly thought provoking.



4. Sebastien’s Night Out

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Now this is one for the arty film lovers. A series of grainy black and white images of a nude male paralleled to a spoken word stream of consciousness. Although it is only 3 mins long, it is highly memorable. A+



5. Entwine

Entwine explores the pain of seeing your partner cheating on you. Here the situation is not confronted, instead it builds and the pain only gets worse. How can one break this bond? A well shot short full of feeling. (3 out of 5)


6. Keep Breathing

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Obsession with an ex-boyfriend leads one guy to discover his ex is now with a woman. The painful phrase ‘I’m not in love with you anymore’ feels like a stab in the heart. Surely we all can relate to this one! (4 out of 5)


7. Barry’s Bespoke Bakery

A poor end to this highly commendable series of shorts. This film was very weak indeed. With terrible acting and a throwaway storyline, I think I will not be visiting Barry’s Bakery again anytime soon.

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