A former winner of X Factor, Steve Brookstein has been slammed on Twitter after making comments on the "hypocrisy of gay men", and calling HIV a "burden" on the NHS.

A former winner of X Factor, Steve Brookstein has been slammed on Twitter after making comments on the “hypocrisy of gay men”, and calling HIV a “burden” on the NHS.

Steve Brookstein has angered users on Twitter after a flurry of tweets about Gareth Thomas and his HIV status. He also took a swing at gay men, calling them hypocrites when talking about HIV.

Gareth Thomas recently revealed that he was living with HIV, after being forced to reveal his status by blackmailers.

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Taking to Twitter, the singer, who won the very first season of X Factor, wrote a series of Tweets aimed at Gareth Thomas and likening HIV to smoking and obesity.

He wrote, “I don’t give a damn what he does in his private life that’s his business. I do however think we should treat HIV the same way we treat smoking, obesity and drinking. It is a public health issue. We need to help but also educate.

He continued,  “The hypocrisy of gay men discussing HIV is astonishing. They don’t like HIV being compared to obesity or smoking. Yes it is unfortunate and treatable but so is obesity and smoking.”

One follower replied, “I’d love to know if you know the circumstances under which Gareth actually contracted HIV? Was it a choice? Like putting food and fags in your mouth are? I highly f***ing doubt it.”

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While another wrote, “Another added: “Its a disease you can get even while taking all precautions. Obesity and smoking are ppl failing to control themselves, over and over again. Hardly the same you moron.”

Burden on the NHS

However, in one tweet, he claimed that HIV was a “burden on the NHS” just like obesity, writing, “As yet I’ve not had one person make me even think about changing my mind. HIV is preventable, it is a burden on the NHS and people need educating. Just like Obesity. If you find that offensive that’s your problem. Bye.

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One user, DolanTalk offered to meet with Brookstein to educate him on HIV, offering “How about me meet and I educate you. Smoking and obesity are both related to addictions. Someone who is HIV+ isn’t that by choice. Honestly, I’m up for you educating you…”

To which Brookstein replied,  “All preventable. Same as accidents in extreme sports. My point is that there are many things that are a burden to society. I’m not suggesting any should be stigmatised. Drunks in A&E on a Saturday night are a burden and need educating. HIV is also preventable”.

“Hate from homosexuals”

He also questioned why he was getting “hate” from gay men. Saying, “…I am getting hate from homosexuals for talking about it. Why is that?, The reason gay men are offended is because Gareth Thomas is gay. If I had made my comment about a straight man with HIV you people wouldn’t say a word.”

The singer then published a bizzare poll in which he asked his followers, “Before any more homosexuals come to me all offended answer this: Which of the following is NOT preventable?, Obesity, Smoking, HIV or Death”


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