Visiting the London gay scene for the first time or just fancy a night out with some new friends? Then GBC (Gay Bar Crawls) may be what you’re looking for. A guided tour of Soho streets visiting the best gay bars and clubs on offer.

With so many venues in the heart of London, all offering different scenes, you may be a bit flummoxed as to where to go first. Well GBC have put together a handy tour starting off in a reserved area of a Soho bar giving time for the group to get to know one another and enjoy a few drinks.
From here the group then tours Soho learning about the famous sites and visiting a selection of bars and clubs. Of course you’ll need more than just one night to enjoy London’s scene, so the tour is a good start to get you settled into the party.

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The tour costs just £30 per person and includes your fist drink, plus club entry, which on a Saturday night is quite a bargain. The first crawl takes place on May 3rd 2014.
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