A gay escort has been jailed for the blackmailing of a married businessman and sending his wife a picture of him wearing women’s underwear.

John Walker, 29 has been sentenced to 32 months in jail after he was found guilty of blackmailing a businessman. The Leeds Crown Court heard that Walker had managed to extort nearly £5000 from the man.

According to the Times Walker threaten to expose the unnamed 49-year-old victim with pictures of him wearing women’s underwear, watching gay porn and taking drugs during a scheduled meeting in Feb this year after the pair met on a gay escorting website and had agreed on a £1800 fee.


David Lampitt, the prosecutor said that during a conversation between the two, Walker told the victim

“that he was cheating on his wife and thought it was disgusting. He warned the complainant that he should be more careful with his phone and wallet because people could extort money from him.”

The day after their meet the victim was sent a text message in which he threatened to ring the man’s wife.

The victim sent his blackmailer £3000 but the blackmailing didn’t stop. In March Walker sent a video text of his victim wearing women’s underwear to the man’s wife.

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It was then that the victim admitted what he had done to his wife and reported the incident to the police.

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