A man was killed after arranging a meeting on a hook up site. Four men have been charged with his murder.

A man in his 40s was robbed, brutally beaten, stripped and left for dead after he arranged to meet someone for sex online in Nampa, Idaho.

Four men charged with robbery and murder could now face the death penalty. Three Nampa residents, Kelly Schneider, 22, Kevin Tracy, 21, Jayson Woods, 28, and Daniel Henkel, 23 were arraigned in Canyon County court. They face charges of felony robbery and first-degree murder.


According to KTVB.com the victim, Steven Nelson, 49 arranged to meet with Kelly Schneider after meeting him on a hook up site. They arranged to meet at Gotts Point at Lake Lowell. When they arrived it is alleged that “Schneider threw Nelson to the ground and kicked him repeatedly.”

During the attack Mr Nelson is reported to have pleaded for his life, begging his attackers not to kill him.

They then allegedly stole his credit cards and wallet and keys, later withdrew $123 from Mr Nelson’s account. Henkel and Schneider were captured on CCTV using the victim’s bank cards to withdraw funds.



After the attack Mr Nelson managed to seek the attention of nearby homeowners, who immediately called the emergency services. He had suffered broken ribs and was bleeding from the ear. He later died from a cardiac arrest a number of hours after the attack.

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Before he died Mr Nelson was able to speak to police about his attackers and was able to give descriptions leading to the arrest of the four men.

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