A man has been charged with murder.

A man has been “hacked to death”, apparently by his Grindr hook up, in the Bronx, New York.

An unnamed and unidentified male in New York has been killed in an apparent machete attack after his hookup date “violently cut him into pieces”, over what is thought to be a disagreement over sexual activities. It is believed the two met over the gay dating/ hook up, Grindr.


The alleged killer, Juan Alonso, was found, according to the New York Post to be wearing women’s underwear, bra and dress.

The victim, who has not be named, was found by Alonso’s roommate, who came home to find a bloodbath, with Alonso purportedly standing over his victim, holding the machete.

The building’s supervisor, John Gonzalez, told the New York Daily News that the victim had been “cut up and left “on the floor in pieces”.

“Dispute escalated”


Alonso was taken into custody where he was psychologically evaluated, and charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon according to the police.

Officials are investigating whether there was a “dispute over not liking certain sex activities and it escalated,

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“The perp is not in his right mind,” a police source said. “He might have taken drugs,” a spokesperson for the police said.

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