Since the announcement from Tom Daley about his relationship with another man, Gay stars have sent messages of support.

This morning Tom Daley used YouTube to reveal that he is in a relationship with another man, which has caused him to be trending on Twitter worldwide.
Celebrities such as Boy George and Lucy Spraggan have tweeted their support.

Boy George Tweeted:

“Good for you @TomDaley1994 and let that be the end of it!”

Lucy Spraggan, who recently had a Twitter battle with James Arthur over his homophobic comments, shared her love of his decision to come out and his Olympic body!: “Insane amount of love for @TomDaley1994 today, the only man I’ve ever googled imaged to admire the beauty of!”

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Russell Brand also voiced his love, tweeting:

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‘@TomDaley1994 Well done sunshine, dive into love.’

And Troye Sivan, who came out earlier this year wrote:

Super duper proud and happy for @TomDaley1994! Life’s infinitely better on this side of the closet.

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