Nick Grimshaw, who was a new judge on last year’s X Factor, has confirmed live on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show that he’s quit the show.


We’re not sure if a weekly curry was in Grimshaw’s contract, however, it seems it could have been the deciding factor in quitting the show as he complained, “You can’t have a curry when you’re on it on a Saturday night because you’re there.

“What’s really good about X Factor is watching it at your house with your friends, having a curry. When you’re there, there’s no curry. Simon promised me curry.”

Of course we believe the curry may have been a joke and the disappointing viewers figures for the show a more realistic reason. ITV have confirmed the X Factor will continue into 2017 and beyond, however the new judges are yet to be decided.

Although Simon is still likely to be on the panel there is a whisper that Louis Tomlinson may be taking over the judging seat, following on from his help as a guest of Simon’s during the judges houses round.

As for the future success of the show, well, you get to be the judge of that.