Growing a beard is probably the one of the most masculine journeys a man can take on his way to grooming glory.

While there is an attractive disheveled quality about a bearded fellow this could be uncharted territory for some and to avoid looking like a reject from Shipwrecked I’d recommend giving my Grooming article your undivided attention.

Before you start growing your beard you should be aware of how one shouldn’t look. Ill give you a clue (shudders at the thought) Brad Pitt for Chanel N5. Avoid this look like the plague; it won’t do you any favours. Thankfully brands like Martin Margiela and Missoni and hotties like Justin Timberlake and Hugh Jackman have provided us with true facial hair inspiration serving up manly bearded realness. God bless them!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a lazy man’s easy way out of shaving because grooming and prep work still come into play. Here are my tips to grow, groom and maintain the perfect beard.

1. To get started you’ll need some tools of the trade. I recommend getting a good quality beard trimmer.
These are widely available and can usually be found at bargain prices in most Boots stores. You’re very welcome. You’ve probably already got a razor, don’t throw it away you’ll need it to shape your beard and remove unwanted hair from areas you want to keep smooth. Also have a small pair of scissors handy to cut away any stray hairs your trimmers may have missed.

2. Just because you now have hair covering the skin on your face it does not mean you can forgot to a, moisturise (massage moisturiser into your beard using your fingertips to reach the skin and prevent flaking) and b, exfoliate (Your skin is still producing dead skin cells and these are currently building up in your beard, gross) I am currently using Facial Fuel Energising Scrub and Facial Fuel Moisturiser for men from Kiehl’s. For the areas I’m still shaving I’m using Ultimate Men’s After Shave Balm & Moisturiser, also by Kiehl’s.
3. As always preparation is the way forward and just as you condition your hair you should also be conditioning your beard. Simply massage a little bit of your everyday conditioner into your beard whilst in the shower. You’ll thank me for the big difference in softness and who ever is on the other end of your kissing session is going to thank me, even more, when the chin rash they got used too is a thing of the past. Again, You’re very welcome.

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4. Beard Oils are very popular and I can see why not only do they smell great the oils help moisturise surface skin and protect and condition the follicles. Massage into your beard as part of your grooming regime. I’d keep the scent quite fresh and masculine aiming for notes like bergamot, sandalwood, mandarin, grapefruit and vetiver.

5. Finally, a little trick that’s helped me out more times than I can bless Madonna for. Comb your beard. Taking a fine tooth comb to your beard will help style it and if done so throughout the growing period will keep it looking sleek and smart instead of shaggy and unruly

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A Final Note 

A beard is not for everyone. I honestly think id pee my pants a little bit if I saw Justin Bieber sporting a beard. However, how are you going to know unless you give it a go? The best part about a beard is if you decide it’s not for you, you can just easily shave it off. I might have to treat you all to a grooming article for the perfect shave next. Watch this space…

About the author: Stephen Crowe
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