It’s not everyday you see a massive star lick his own wood…

In a candid Instagram post, Gus Kenworthy filmed himself joking around, in between takes, on the set of Ryan Murphy’s latest American Horror Story, 1984.

In the clip, filmed on the Fox Studio Lot in Hollywood, the star licks the end of a wooden stake protruding from his chest, with the caption, “wood you”.

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Wood you?

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However, fans feared that Gus had given away too much of the storyline with numerous commenters asking him not to reveal too much about the show and the fate of his character.

One fan wrote, “Damn. Was hoping you would’ve lasted longer. Haven’t watched any of it yet. Glad you were at least in it”

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Another added, “I think this might be a spoiler”

Hilariously, and as a costume and makeup artist fiddles with his clothes, Gus pulls a face after touching his tongue to the stake, indicating that the stake didn’t taste as he might have expected it to be.

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The prop, which was covered in fake blood, didn’t taste good! After licking the prop Gus pulls a disgusted look.

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