Out sports star Gus Kenworthy just posted an amazing picture to explain what he feels about his boyfriend and it made us gush.

We might need to start calling Gus Kenworthy Gush Kenworthy after he posted the most haunting love note to his boyfriend we’ve ever seen.

In the artistic picture the freestyle skier and his boyfriend Matt, are standing together on the shoreline looking out into the water, except they only appear together in the water’s reflection and their shoes are the only thing visible on the sandy banks.


The 24-year-old captioned the arty picture, “Heels over head with this guy.”

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Gus came out as gay last year and in an interview with People magazine he said,

“I guess I just got to a point where it was just really painful and it was taking a lot out of me, trying to keep up the facade, and just constantly lying and avoiding questions and dodging answers.

“And I guess I just wanted to get to a point where I was free and – I don’t want to be ashamed of part of me, I just want to be proud of it. And I encourage that of other people.”

Gus isn’t afraid of showcasing his beau – in this recent picture he asked his fans whether his bf was hot “oar” not!

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