It may be a couple of years away, but Hannah Spearitt has signalled that she’d be up for a reunion S Club 7 tour.

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Speaking to THEGAYUK, the S Clubber turned Casualty actress Hannah Spearritt said that she’d be up for a reunion tour with her fellow band mates in 2019.

S Club 7 smashed onto the small screens and charts in 1999 although they were formed in 1997.

They came to public attention during their smash show Miami 7, which aired on CBBC.

The band’s debut single Bring It All Back went to number one in 1999. All of the band’s singles went into the top 5, including four number ones, until they split in 2003, making them one of the most successful UK bands of all time.

The group did reunite in 2015 for a short tour of the UK called the Bring It All Back tour. It was the first time all 7 had appeared together since 2003. The group undertook a 12-date tour across the UK.


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When asked whether Hannah would be up for another reunion – the 20-year anniversary tour in 2019, she said,

Is it really going to be 20 years? I think it would be lovely to do something to mark that but I had no idea it had been that long.

I’m sure you’re right! Yeah, we got together around 1999.

That’s crazy. So yes, it would be awesome to mark that 20th somehow.”

So there you have it kids… S Club 7 could be reuniting… Just have to wait 3 more years.


Speaking about her new role on BBC’s Casualty and whether she preferred the S Club days or TV acting, Hannah added,

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“S Club wouldn’t work for me now, yet it worked for me then. It really worked for that part of my life when I was 16, when I was happy to run around a stage and smile all the time.

I don’t want to smile all the time anymore (laughs). If I’ve got something to say I’ll say it, but back then it was, “no, happy all the time, come on”.

I would have to say, from my current point, the acting side because that’s what I want more and hopefully what I love continues…”


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