Hollywood’s Hottest Buzzcuts

We love a buzzcut… We rank Hollywood’s sexiest buzzcuts.





1. Heading up Hollywood’s hottest buzzcuts is Wentworth Miller’s rather lush look

2. Hard man Hardy looks tough.

Tom Hardy looks sharp with his locks lopped off. Giving him a very hard man edge to his looks.

3. When Elijah Wood got the calling from Buzz we literally fell in love.

4. Jake Gyllenhall

Looking suited, booted and buzzed.

5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt takes his acting to the next level.

When Gordon played his heartbreaking role in 50/50 he shaved his head, leaving him with this buzzcut.

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6.David Beckham

Beckham changes his hair with the seasons. He went buzz cut when he was a brand ambassador for Emporio Armani.

7. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Basically yum.

8. Brad Pitt

Everything about this man is just swoon worthy. Regardless of whether Brad has long, short or even a buzzcut, he’s a fine looking fella.

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9. Zac Efron

Zac Efron took a break from his normally shaggy, spikey hair do look to give a buzzcut a try. We think it looks incredible.

10.Will Smith


Will Smith has had his buzz cut from his days as the Fresh Prince. Why change when it’s perfect.

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