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Out A Lister Wentworth Miller has spoken about how the meme released with him a fuller figure was taken the “lowest point of his adult life” when he was considering suicide.

CREDIT: Depositphotos
CREDIT: Depositphotos

Actor Wentworth Miller has spoken about his disappointment on becoming an internet meme published by LadBible.

The meme, which has since been deleted, shows two pictures of Wentworth, one a promo picture from the hit television series Prison Break, the other, a paparazzi shot with him looking a little fuller figured.

Taking to his official Facebook page Wentworth said,

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time.

This one, however, stands out from the rest.

In 2010, semi-retired from acting, I was keeping a low-profile for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I was suicidal.


The original paparazzi picture was taken in 2010, when the actor said that he turned to food for comfort after “semi retirement”.

He continued,

In 2010, at the lowest point in my adult life, I was looking everywhere for relief/comfort/distraction. And I turned to food. It could have been anything. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. But eating became the one thing I could look forward to. Count on to get me through. There were stretches when the highlight of my week was a favorite meal and a new episode of TOP CHEF. Sometimes that was enough. Had to be.

And I put on weight. Big f–king deal.




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The pictures were then sold on to magazines who labeled him “From Hunk to Chuck” and “Fit To Flab”.

This was at a time when the actor said he was “fighting for my mental health”.

Speaking about seeing the pictures pop up on social media, the Prison Break actor said,

The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe. But as with everything in life, I get to assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/my image is Strength. Healing. Forgiveness.


LadBible have since apologised for the posting saying,

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“We want to say we’ve got this very, very wrong. Mental health is no joke or laughing matter,” it posted on Facebook.


If you are affected by the themes of this article please reach out to Switchboard the LGBT+ helpline, 0333 254 6943




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