★★★★★ | Mövenpick Hotel Berlin

Recently I was lucky enough to be able to visit Berlin for the annual Snax sportswear fetish party.

While I was there, I made sure that I had a great place to stay for the night in order to get party-ready and to have somewhere to rest my head before taking the train home again. The Mövenpick Hotel in Berlin was the perfect answer. Since I knew I was going to be partying all night long on Saturday night, I booked Sunday night as well so I could get home from the club and sleep before taking my late-night train home. 

The hotel is easy to find from several U or S-bahn stations in Berlin, or of course by taxi. The foyer is tastefully decorated and bright, furnished with comfortable sofas so that any time you might spend in the lobby is a pleasure.

The Mövenpick hotels have developed the perfect room for people like me who have a hard time sleeping when things aren’t perfectly dark. Especially true when coming home after a long nights party and the sun has been up for a while already. The ‘sleep’ room has full blackout curtains and comes with a little package of goodies to help you sleep which includes an eye mask, herbal teas, chocolates, and little stickers that you can use to cover the standby lights of the devices in the room. Apart from all that, is probably the room’s best feature: the adjustable king size bed. The bed is split into two large beds which each have an electronic control which adjusts the firmness of the mattress. With the push of a button, you can sleep on something as hard as wood, or sink down into the mattress and be enveloped into a plush world of warm. Add to that the pillow selection from a form given when you book, which lets you choose the firmness of the pillows in your room, and the room is sure to give even the biggest insomniac a good night’s (or afternoon’s) sleep. This bed alone was enough for me to fall in love with this hotel. Coupled with the black-out ability of the room, I can say I have never had such a restful nights/afternoon’s sleep in a hotel when travelling. It really was a pleasure, and I wish I had spent more time there.

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Outside the room, the Mövenpick Berlin has a fully stocked cocktail bar and restaurant, as well as a buffet breakfast, which for me was a godsend after spending a few hours dancing at Snax. The best thing about Sunday morning breakfast is that it runs until 1 pm, so if you’re like me and like to spend all night out partying, you can safely return home to the hotel to get some food whenever you want. 

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The hotel staff are attentive and always ready to provide you with whatever you need. In my case, it was a lot of extra black tea and fresh milk, which I found waiting for me in my minibar upon my return from being out for the afternoon. 

The Mövenpick hotel can be found on Schöneberger Straße, a short walk from the Anhalter S-Bahn station, or the Ubahn stations of Gleisdreieck, Mendelsohn-Bartholdy-Park, and Kochstrasse. Bookings can be made directly on the hotel website.

About the author: Aaron Holloway
Australian photographic artist living in a small city in Germany. I travel a lot around Europe and blog about my travels, as well as photograph the cities and people I meet.