Here’s all you need to know about press trips.

If you are a PR company wishing to contact us about offering a press trip please click here.


All press trips must be arranged via the Editorial team.

The editorial team must sanction all trips, before you go. Failure to do this might result in any content you provide not being published.

Your passport must be in date and must have enough validity time as required by the press trip destination.

You remain responsible for your travel to and from the airports, although we will usual ensure that the public relations team dealing the press trip deals with your transfers.

You are responsible for all out of pocket expenses.

Health And Insurance.

You must ensure that you have appropriate travel insurance before engaging a press trip. The Company does not take responsibility for your insurance or healthcare.

If you are travelling inside the EU you must have an EHIC card. This is free to apply for.

On your trip please report anything suspicious or untoward to the editorial team as soon as possible. If you are involved in an incident or accident please inform Editorial as soon as possible.


When travelling on behalf of The Company you are an ambassador for it. You are also an ambassador for yourself.

Manners don’t cost anything.

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Please drink responsibly and make sure that you keep your behaviour professional.

If you are unable to make an agreed press trip you must make Editorial aware immediately.

Write Up.

All write-ups must be delivered within 30 days of the trip’s conclusion.

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