How Twitter Responded To “Bruce Jenner” In A Maxi Dress

Was it or wasn’t it Bruce Jenner in the maxi? And in 2015 does this even matter? But apparently Bruce Jenner was spotted in a stripey maxi-dress outside his Malibu home and we thought Jenner rocked it.

Bruce Jenner is expected to make a huge announcement on the Diane Sawyer interview that is airing on Friday. Many have speculated will reveal that is wishes to transition into a woman.

This is how Twitter reacted…

Perez has a moment…


Why you worried hun?

Kinda feeling you on this one… Although Jenner is about to do one of the most sort after interviews with Diane Swayer on Friday… So?

Except he won’t won’t be a guy… Will she?

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Well… No comment

Speak on it…

It is a nice dress

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Well done now grow up!


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