"Watching so many people with rainbow masks on their faces in such areas, was absolutely worth it!”

Husbands Jakub and David took to the streets of Poland to give out rainbow face masks in the fight against Coronavirus and homophobia and the results were a mix of gratitude and threats of violence.

Poland has had a spotlight shone on its “LGBT Free Zones” recently and as LGBT+ rights are seemingly threatened in this part of Europe, the couple are keen to be visible and work with the public.


Jakub and David visited three LGBT FREE ZONES in East Poland – small towns called Mordy, Trzebieszów and Biała Podlaska. They gave away over 200 hundreds of rainbow masks in each spot.

Watching the movie you can see that it wasn’t very safe and anything could happen. Some people didn’t like the rainbow, one man threatened that he would punch their faces if they didn’t leave but the husband’s found most people’s reactions positive.

Giving away rainbow masks is Jakub’s and David’s way to fight against COVID 19 and homophobia in their country.

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According to the last report of ILGA EUROPE – Poland is the worst country for LGBT people in the European Union so they still have plenty to do in their country

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