Iconic ‘Some People Are Gay’ Poster Gets The Star Trek Treatment

The UK’s biggest lesbian, gay and bisexual charity – Stonewall reveals iconic ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It’ Poster in Klingon.


Boldly going where no slogan has gone before, Stonewall’s internationally renown ‘Get Over It!’ campaign has become intergalactic after the charity revealed two posters translating it into Klingon, to coincide with the UK release of Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Stonewall Deputy Chief Executive Ruth Hunt said:

‘Klingons may be renowned for their determination to fall out with people but, as Spock would say, even gay Klingons should be able to live long and prosper.’

The campaign, which hit the headlines last year after appearing on the sides of many buses across the country, has actually existed for 6 years. The simple text ‘Some People Are Gay, Get Over It!’ has been translated into 10 languages including: Russian, Chinese, Welsh and Hebrew, all of which are available online at www.stonewall.org.uk/international.

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The images are available for download from Stonewall’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/stonewalluk

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