The newly Sports Direct acquired House Of Fraser is not answering questions about customers' gift cards.

The newly Sports Direct acquired House Of Fraser is not answering questions about customers’ gift cards.

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Anger is mounting after the troubled House of Fraser refused to take gift cards for purchases. They have also failed to issue replacement cards for old gift cards and vouchers.

When the store was sold to Sports Direct, customers were told to send in their gift cards in August, in order to be issued a replacement card. However, the firm has yet to issue any new cards, leading to anger and worry from customers.


Sports Direct also announced last week that customers who ordered with House Of Fraser online before the chain was bought should not expect to receive the goods they paid for or get a refund.

According to the BBC, the firm’s PR has not responded to call for comment.

House of Fraser was bought by Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley, who said that he planned to keep the majority of the 59 stores open. He said that he wanted to return the store chain into the “Harrods of the high street”.

Drain of goodwill


Since the Sports Direct take over, House of Fraser has been beset with public relation issues. If the company decides to void all gift cards it could drain any goodwill left with consumers.

Droves of former and current customers have taken to Twitter to air their frustration.


How to claim your money back

To make a claim against the store you will need to write to the administrator with proof of your vouchers or gift cards.


Administrators EY said : “Customers can submit a claim against the HF Stores Realisations Limited (formerly House of Fraser (Stores) Limited). However, this will be treated as an unsecured creditor claim and unfortunately they will only receive a very modest recovery against the amount claimed.”

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If you bought your cards with your credit card you could try claiming with them. According to the BBC, “Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act can make credit card providers jointly liable for breaches of contract with a trader when people buy on a credit card”.

Gift cards will need to be worth over £100.


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