Multi award winning singer-songwriter Kris Searle talks about his new single Starfire, stealing boxer shorts and being an English man across the pond.

G: Welcome, Kris Searle, Question 1. What’s your favourite fruit?

K: (Laughing) F**king hell. It’s a mango actually.

G: Lovely. so where you from?

K: My home is in Herne Bay, in Kent.

G: Though I believe you’re living in the states at the moment?

K: Yes I am living in the states at moment. I live in Venice Beach, California.

G: Very nice. So do you have a large following on both sides of the water?

K: In the last 2 years its been building up very nicely in California and both sides are pretty healthy now.

G: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

K: I wanted to be a baker and bake cakes, then my dad started a pottery shop and he was amazing at it so then I wanted to do art and pottery.

G: So when did you first start writing and singing music?

K: I started writing music when I was about 15.

G: I believe you have a lot of awards.

K: Yes I do….

G: That’s great, I’ll quote the website there.

K:(Laughing) I guess you wanted me to tell you about the awards right? I was kinda slow on the up take sorry. This year I’m nominated for best pop artist at the L.A. music awards. and in 2011 I got my first grammy consideration.

G: Where can our lovely readers buy your new single Starfire?

K: It’s available as a pre-release sale at and you get the free remixes which I’ve come over to promote. It’ll also be available on I-tunes soon. (date to follow)

G: Where did the inspiration for Starfire come from?

K: Well after I wrote ‘The way you loved’, which was on my first album after my dad passed away, I wanted to write a song about special relationships in your life that come and go. I went to Burning Man one year and was at a temple underneath the starry sky saying a few words to my dad when I saw a shooting star and Starfire is a metaphor for love basically and relationships and how important they are and, erm, you know it looks so beautiful and amazing and then its gone really quickly, so it’s about appreciating those relationships in your life before they burn out.

(For those who don’t know, Burning Man is an ‘American pilgrimage’ into the Nevada desert where anything goes. Mainly music, drinking, art, drinking, dancing, drinking and nudity… I believe!)

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G: Is Starfire part of an album?

K: It is, its part of my new album which is ‘Dawn of Momentum’, and thats a 12 track electro pop album and its the 2nd single from that.

G: Littlemix or Pic ‘n’ mix?

K: Pic ‘N’ Mix for sure. Oh my god I’m hungry.

G: Where can people see you’re music video?


G: What’s your favourite biscuit?

K: Soggy Biscuit.

G: Haha erm are you single at moment Kris?

K: Sigh, that would be yes.

G: So are you looking for love then?

K: Actually, yeah I think I am, actually I was looking for love and then I realised I was looking too hard and a good friend told me not to look so hard, so I’m not looking, but, I would like it.

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G: We now have a reader’s question who wants to know where’s the strangest place you’ve ever been naked?

K: (laughs) burning man or in a field near my house for reasons we wont go into.

G: Ha ha, is it listed on TheGayUK?

K: I’ll add it on later.

G: And finally where do you buy your boxer shorts?

K: Wow. Erm I don’t. I normally steal them. Yeah the ones I’m wearing right now or stolen. Not from the store, from other people. They’re either stolen, borrowed or Christmas presents. (Laughing)

We would like to thank Kris for joining us at TheGayUK and any boys out there who are also looking for love or just wish to send him pants then do get in touch. The single starfire is out now, go listen, go buy, go spread the love.

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