Irish hunk and Ireland’s representative in the 2013 Eurovision, Ryan Dolan has come out

During an interview on Irish radio, the Eurovision hunk and “Only Love Survives” singer Ryan Dolan came out. You can hear the interview here

Here’s what he said:


It was only when I was 21, really that my whole family found about it. The first person I ever told was my older sister, and that was when I was 14. And then I just gradually told other people in my family afterwards. My father was the last person I told because I was afraid about what he would think – but he actually took it better than anyone I told. It was actually my mother that told him, because I was so afraid, on my 21st birthday. He just texted me and told me that it didn’t make one difference to him.

My father was the I last person to find out because I was afraid of what he would think. I think he actually took it the better than anyone I told. I couldn’t ask for better parents, they’ve been great to me my whole life.

Thinking back now I wish I would have came out about it a long time ago. I think my youth was wasted worrying all the time about it. If I had been more open back then I would have been happier.


I really did struggle growing up with that in my head and wondering how people would take it. I really got depressed about it for years. I did contemplate suicide. I never attempted suicide, but it was always a thought in my mind. I know depression can be hereditary, and I know it’s in my family. Over the last five years I’ve lost two uncles and an auntie to suicide – all on the one side of my family – my mum’s side.

Now I’m completely happy, the last few years have been the happiest of my life since every one in my family knew. My life changed and the weight of all that stress lifted off my shoulders. Having dealt with it for all those years, it went away.

It’s not a big deal anymore. Things have changed compared to even when I was in school. Young people are coming out now at 15 or 16 which would never have happened when I was at school.

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There’s parents who might have an inkling there’s something different about their son or daughter. Maybe just ask them, and they don’t have to go through the pressure of coming out and saying the words.

I wanted to write a song about myself growing up, which is how [Start Again] came about. The idea of the video is basically about two young boys in school, who know they’re gay. Everyone needs to love their life being who they are, who they really are and not to hide their feelings and things like that. I think it’s got a great message

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