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Is I Am Cait, about to be cancelled?

CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson /
CREDIT: © Jean_Nelson /

Caitlyn Jenner‘s fly-on-the-wall documentary series I Am Cait could be in trouble after season two’s rating are well down on the first.

The first episode of I Am Cait managed to draw an audience just short of 745,000,  – well down from the first season’s peak of nearly 3 million viewers.


The disappointing viewer figures present just 0.3% of the 18-49 demographic.

So has the public’s interest with Caitlyn Jenner gone cold?

Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton blasted Caitlyn last week after she was photographed along side and looking chummy with Hillary Clinton despite slamming her politics in the first episode and calling her a “fu*king liar.”







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