Is Jonathan Bennett gay?

23rd November 2016 0 By News Desk

Film actor and now Cake Wars star Jonathan Bennett is our new muse and hundreds of people are searching our site to find out whether he is gay or not.

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In 2014, Mean Girls actor Jonathan Bennett was seemingly outed by Julianne Hough when she told presenter Mario Lopez that Jonathan was gay, although the actor himself has never confirmed or denied the rumour. In 2014 he was also voted the number one hottest LGBT celebrity, despite not publicly confirming his sexuality. In 2009 noted that Jonathan was, “this close to coming out publicly as gay”, however in 2016 it still hasn’t happened.

The Ohio-born hunk’s Wikipedia page has references to his sexuality removed and reinstated numerous times. The actor himself has never spoken about Julianne’s comments nor confirmed or denied whether he is gay or bisexual.

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It has been reported that Jonathan dated Kyle XY actor, Matt Dallas who came out as gay in 2013.