Since his stunning appearance on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing thousands of people have searched THEGAYUK to find out if Judge Rinder is gay.

Is Judge Rinder gay?

Is Judge Rinder gay?

Yes, Robert Rinder the star of ITV’s daytime courtroom show Judge Rinder is in fact gay. He married his partner Seth Cumming in a beautiful ceremony in Ibiza in July 2013. The ceremony was officiated by his friend and actor Benedict Cumberbatch at the stunning location.

The couple have been married for over three years.

His business buddy and former GAYUK cover star Ivan Massow was at the wedding who shared these pictures of Robert and Seth getting married. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who is a legally ordained minister can be seen taking control of the cliff top ceremony which took place at the Hacienda Hotel on the sunny party island of Ibiza.

Since his wedding Robert has remain tight lipped about his marriage to Seth and rarely, if at all speaks about it in public.

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The 39-year-old revealed his reason for taking part in Strictly recently by saying that he was doing it to make his Grandparents proud saying,

“The main reason is as my grandparents get older it’s a show they absolutely love. Although they’ve always been unconditionally proud of me I think there is something magical about being able to take part in something which gives them such joy and escapism especially as they suffer from all sorts of illnesses.”

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