He’s the popular host of Catchphrase, but what else do we know about the ever youthful-looking Stephen Mulhern?

Is Stephen Mulhern Married?

Is Stephen Mulhern married?

At the moment, it seems as though Stephen Mulhern is not married. There were rumours circulating that he was dating or could be getting hitched to actor Emma Barton in the past. However it was reported that the couple split in 2017.

Is Stephen Mulhern gay or bisexual?

Stephen has never publicly addressed his sexuality. So we can’t say for certain whether he is gay or not. There are, of course, the same with many public figures, rumours surrounding his private life, however, he’s never publicly acknowledged if he is gay or not.


Is Stephen Mulhern gay?

What is Stephen Mulhern’s net worth?

Some estimates have Mulhern’s net-worth at $3 million (around £2.3 million). These are website estimates and aren’t verfied, however his body of work would suggest that he could be worth more.

Before he started his lucrative career as a TV presenter, the performer was first discovered doing magic tricks in Butlins, a holiday camp in the UK. He was offered a slot on the Royal Variety Show. The rest as they say is history.

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He began presenting on TV back in 1998 on an ITV show called CITV. Then he has been in work steadily ever since, his most recent presenting jobs include Catchphrase and Britain’s Got More Talent.

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