Colton Haynes has just gotten very very cheeky indeed.

The TV star Colton Haynes has been styling out a platinum blonde look recently and sent his fans into a meltdown after uploading a picture of what looked like him having his arse buffed by none other than fashion god father Tom Ford.

But wait all is not what it seems.


Fans went into overdrive after the picture was uploaded, but it turns out the shoot was actually from another decade altogether and nothing to do with the TV star, who recently came out as gay, at all.

Those clever bods over at Queerty did some digging and found that the picture is actually from a 2005 fashion series shot by photographer Steven Klein and starring Tom Ford. The shoot was called, Valley of the Dolls – very cheeky indeed. Raising our hopes and then dashing them so expertly.


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But then Colton has uploaded a few other nice piccys to quench the thirst. So there is that.

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