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Is The Birdcage on Netflix 2019?

The Birdcage is one of the most famous gay movies in history and one of Robin William’s most successful, but where can you stream it?

Is The Birdcage on Netflix in 2019?

The Birdcage starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane is unfortunately no longer available to stream on Netflix UK. It was removed from the service in Feb 2019.


The film was originally released in 1996 and has become one of the highest-grossing LGBT+ films in history. Find out about where the cast is now.

The film is about a nightclub owner (Robin Williams) and his long-term partner (Nathan Lane) who is the club’s drag queen star. When their son, Val, announces he is to wed the daughter of a conservative senator, who deplores liberal values and gay rights, they scramble to make their home, lives and partnership suitable for homophobes. Although it doesn’t all exactly go to plan.

The Birdcage is also available to buy or rent on iTunes


The Birdcage is also available to buy or rent on Amazon

The Birdcage is not available on Now TV.


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