You can still see the original rainbow flag - and it's right here in the UK.

It’s probably become one of the most famous symbols in the world. It’s internationally recognised and brings hope to millions of LGBT+ across the globe.

But where is and who created the first rainbow flag?

Where can I see the original pride flag? Does the original gay flag still exist.

The original rainbow flag was created in 1978 in San Franciso by an artist called Gilbert Baker.

The flag has been identified as one of the defining designs of the modern age, the flag was part of an original series of ten that Baker designed and created in 1978.

Where is the original gay pride flag now?

The original flag can now be viewed at the Design Museum London which acquired the flag as part of a series of new objects for its permanent collection.

It was acquired by the museum in 2017.

Why did Gilbert Baker create the rainbow flag for gay pride?

Speaking about the rainbow as a symbol for LGBT+ folx Gilbert Baker said, “There was no other international symbol for [the LGBT+ community] than the pink triangle which the Nazis used to identify homosexuals in concentration camps,

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“Even though the pink triangle was and still is a very powerful symbol, it was very much forced upon us”.

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