In an unconfirmed report, ISIS has thrown a man to his death for being gay in north-west Iraq.

WARNING: There are images in this article which some readers may find distressing.

A “gay” man has been executed by ISIS fighters by throwing him face first from a grain silo in Iraq. TerrorMonitor and the Jihad Threat Monitor  have released pictures which show a man, with his hands bound behind his back falling from the top of a silo.


In the first picture, the victim is seen surrounded by a number of men, with one standing to the right, filming the whole ordeal. In the second sickening picture, the man is seen with his hands tied behind his back, plummeting towards the ground.



It is not clear from the pictures when the execution was undertaken, however executing men accused of being gay is a somewhat common occurrence in ISIS strongholds.

The usual method of execution preferred by ISIS fighters, for the crime of homosexuality, is to be thrown from a high building or being stoned to death.

Under Sharia law homosexuality is a crime punishable by death.



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