The executions of 9 men and one boy have been reported in Syria, after the 10 were accused of being gay.

Ten males were reportedly executed by IS fighters in central and northern Syria yesterday (Monday 21st) after being accused of being gay. One of the ten was a child according to the Daily Star. TheGayUK has been unable to verify this story as of yet.
According to reports seven of the men were shot dead in a town in Homs province. The other two men and child were murdered in Hreitan, in Aleppo.
Homosexuality is a crime punishable by death in areas controlled by the so-called Islamic State.
ISIS fighters have been responsible for the execution of many men they accuse of being gay. This is the first time however that a child has been reported as one of their victims.
The Times Of Israel reports that the executions were carried out in public however camera used to film the killings had been destroyed.
Up until now ISIS fighters have executed men by throwing them off tall buildings. This is the also the first report of execution of gay men by shooting them.
THEGAYUK is trying to locate responsible sources for this news and will update the story when those become available.

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