It Is All Good: Azealia Is Not Homophobic She Has Gay Employees

American rapper Azealia Banks defends outrageous homophobic language against a Delta airline steward, by claiming that she’s not homophobic because she has gay employees.

A damming video, hosted by TMZ, from inside the plane shows Ms. Banks having a fracas with staff on board a Delta aircraft. In the video the words “f**king Fggot are heard, and are alleged to have been aimed at the flight attendant who was trying to calm the situation down.

Taking to Twitter the “212” rapper defended her words by saying that her employees were gay, her brother was trans and herself bisexual.
She said,

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“I am bisexual. my brother is trans. My employees are all gay men. . Nothing else to say.

“I only OWE an apology to my fans. My true true ride or die fans. The rest of yall can pick up a rock and suck on it !!

“And to be quite honest IM [sic) REALLY tired of the world trying to police the way black women should or shouldn’t express themselves.”

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